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Let’s Make the Water Turn Black - 4.16.14
Let’s Make the Water Turn Black - 4.15.14
Let’s Make the Water Turn Black - 4.13.14
Let’s Make the Water Turn Black - 4.10.14
Let’s Make the Water Turn Black - 4.6.14 
Let’s Make the Water Turn Black - 4.5.14
Anonymous asked: What is the "kingdom of stuffed animals"?

That’s a good question. I don’t have a clue as to how or why it was programmed but it definitely can function as some kind of occult random text generator. Not only that but it’s a brilliant metaphor.

xoxoxcom asked: love this tumblr! what are you up to? found you through a kingdom of stuffed animals search - that site's a gem hey? hahaha - oh and then well love your tastes - nietzsche and land, say no more!

This is an ancient message but thanks a lot checking out the blog. How’d you go about doing a search for kingdom of stuffed animals, anyway? I found that site through a made up search in quotes on Google, it being one of the only results. That site is incredible, I love it. At one point I was finding the most bizarre synchronicities almost daily but I haven’t been on the net nearly as much lately. Nietzsche led me to Land (heh, no pun intended, N wouldn’t never do that…) and now Land has been leading down some dark prodding paths. I’ll try and keep this thing more updated as I get back into the swing of things. Thanks again.

It’s everywhere and everything! The world is so inspiring!